About – SEE DAVIS Studio

Christopher Davis (b. 1985) is a visual artist living in Alexandria, Virginia. His background in graphic design helps him create visually pleasing, carefully constructed, and balanced original artworks that appeal to a sense of order and structure while maintaining an element of playfulness. With a fascination for diamonds and precious stones, his work is centered around exploring the psychology and allure of luxury culture.

Chris is also an award-winning designer and creative consultant working across various industries, from digital projects like websites, apps, and motion graphics to print projects such as editorial and advertising design. His aim is to simplify complex problems and communicate solutions in a meaningful and bold way. Davis graduated with a BFA from Lesley College of Art & Design in Cambridge, MA.


Art Direction | Branding & Design | Creative Consultancy | Web Design | Motion Graphics | Creative Writing | Email Design/Build | Naming | Acrylic Painting | Mural Painting | Drawing & Illustration

Art Exhibitions

2023: Fragments, Platform Alexandria, Alexandria, VA

2020: Chroma, Good Life, Boston, MA